hoge gevoeligheid

geaard en op weg naar je spirituele Hart

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High sensivity

As a highly sensitive person (HSP) and therapist I guide other highly sensitive persons in changing the drawbacks of being a HSP into using HSP as an advantage in life.

Somehow, right from the start of my therapy practice, highly sensitive people stepped into my office. So at some time I decided to place it on the website of Effeta.
In my work with HSP clients gradually a number of exercises developed, following a certain order. I now call it a procedure, although it does not have a name yet.

As Elaine Aron points out, high sensitivity is a part of how your body is shaped. In particular your nerves that are actually physically more sensitive than the nerves from less sensitive people. High sensitivity is part of someone’s constitution, the body and character.

In the Dutch part of this website I share some of the viewpoints I developed on high sensitivity. It is based on my own experiences, my personal development and insights gained as a therapist.
In the procedure, clients are taught to become grounded. In analogy, like a farmer with both feet on and partly in the ground. A HSP person is capable of becoming a strong or firm person and still maintain that precious high sensitivity. Creating awareness and developing that talent for subtleness and turn the drawback into an advantage. 
It could lead to considering problems in life as learning points in time for personal growth. Although one does not need problems to learn from. If one is aware one could learn a lot from happy times as well. At some point some obstacles (emotional problems) in personal and/or spiritual growth can become really painful and seemingly impossible to overcome. If that is so, one has to consider the possibility of Individual Energy Toxins or IET for short. An IET is capable of creating a blockage for successful treatment or the return of an already solved emotional problem. Look for a therapist who has knowledge of Individual Energy Toxins if you suspect one. E.g. a skilled TFT therapist knows about Individual Energy Toxins.

For most HSP’s it is necessary to deal with old emotional humbug, as I call it. As one learns at some point in time in spiritual development, you have emotions, but you are not your emotions. If you have emotions that trouble you, look for treatment. Get rid of your emotional humbug. It will do you good, it may even let you develop further!
Also I strongly agree with observations from others that HSP’s should learn some kind of meditation. Beside the healthy side effects for the body it gives more balance in life and creates more awareness, exploiting that subtlety that HSP people have. For HSP people it is of utmost importance to learn to listen to the signal from the body and all the emotions (pleasant and unpleasant). Body and mind are continuously communicating, whether you listen to it or have blocked it. If you listen to the signals you create more opportunities for dealing with the situations of life. It gives you a tool for self steering. It could lead to knowing the difference between feelings, thoughts and intuition. Understanding your intuition is very useful in every day life, and speeds up your spiritual growth. If you do not know how to access your intuition, look out for workshops or therapy to learn how. HSP people have that talent, develop it and use it!
In my procedure I lead people to what you might call the spiritual Heart. If you find that place, you find warmth, a deep feeling of home and also a huge, powerful but subtle force.
I do not know if my procedure works for the less sensitive people. The future will learn. I do know that it works for the (highly) sensitive people. 
There is a difference in experiencing the spiritual Heart. It most likely depends on the state of development of the individual soul. Once one is in touch with the spiritual Heart one can use this as guidance in life. It really speeds up spiritual growth; it is also very pleasant in everyday life. With the spiritual Heart one has a very handy tool. Experience with this tool enhances trust and confidence that you can build on the spiritual Heart. It gives you additional information. Also in times when decisions have to be made and one lacks the opportunity to gather enough information. It can be used as guidance in life. That’s what I teach highly sensitive persons, HSP’s in therapy. Turn the initially expienced drawback of being a HSP into an advantage.

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